Yearly Archives: 2006

Comparison Shopping Engines now Essential for Ecommerce Marketing

In spite of the recent controversy on the poor accuracy of online statistics, Hitwise still produces interesting insights on overall internet clickthrough., leading loans and insurance comparator, received 13.55% of total traffic from organic search, and 20% from paid search (PPC) campaigns. While 4.2% of traffic to retail sites are now being sent by […]

Shopping Feeds Standards Fight is On

The Association of Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) has issued its first proposal for a data feeds standards. The standard is aimed squarely at Comparison Shopping Engines, like, and The goal of the standard is to allow ecommerce merchants to generate a single data feed valid for all affiliate networks and shopping sites, […]

Bulk Mailer Wins Ridiculous Case Against Anti-Spam Organization

Spamhaus provides a spammer blacklist which is widely used in anti-spam filters by ISPs and webmail companies, including Spamhaus is non-profit organization set up by Steve Linford in 1998 whose mission is to track the worst of organized spam operators. It provides anti-spam intelligence to internet services, Law Enforcement Agencies, and government anti-spam legislation. […]

Developments on the Standard Universal Data Feeds Front

An announcement is due from and ARTS (Association of Retail Technology Standards) next Tuesday on Data Feed Standards in the ecommerce sector. Mirroring Sir Tim Berners Lee’s efforts to structure the world’s data with the semantic web project, Alan Rimm-Kaufman is pushing through a common standard for ecommerce merchants to publish their product listings. […] Sales Increase by 30%

The number one online supermarket has announced 28.7% growth for the first half of 2006. Having topped £1000m in turnover in 2005, growth is down slightly from 32% for the year ending 2005, but profits are up to 43.1% in 2006 as economies of scale rise further. Likely sales for 2006 are £1300m (topping €2000m), […] implements the “nofollow” tag

The social tagging site has implemented the “nofollow” tag on its home page. Following the example of blog search engine technorati, implements the anti-spam measure proposed by Google. The “nofollow” tag disables the link in question from Google’s algorithm, basically announcing to search engines that “this-is-not-a-good-link”; the tag removes any PageRank assignment for […]