Monthly Archives: June 2006

Standardisation of shopping engine feeds meets with problems

Industry bodies are trying to push through a standard for shopping feed files A recent meeting of the Arts trade association feed standards committe had a low turnout from shopping engines. One of the big problems with shopping feeds is the wide range of different taxonomies, categories that merchants and shopping engines use to categorize […]

Search Engine Strategies Conference: London 2006

The Islington Business Design Center yesterday for the June 2006 Search Engine Strategies 2006 Conference Excellent set of seminars. My favorite theme was the link building tips: Link building is becoming a conversation. A personal relationship between your firm and its community, your entire value chain, partners, allies, press and media surrounding your market. Mike […]

Froogle to merge with Google Base 1

As of today, the feed submission formerly in the Google Merchant Center has been replaced with Google Base submissions. Google Base was quietly launched 3 months ago, and currently offers free online classifieds service that allows anyone to list a product for sale. Google Base is also arming itself with a reputation system like eBays, […]

Where things go wrong with Alexa rankings 1

The concesus is that the web sites with SEO and webmaster attention cruise up the alexa rankings, but don’t necessarily have real traffic. As observed by Matt Cutts. A great image of where things go wrong with alexa is shown below. The figure shows that above the 50,000 ranking, all traffic figures are distorted. You […]