Monthly Archives: July 2006

Universal Data Feed Standard from the Association of Retail Technology Standards 2

Shopping engines are gaining market share in the ecommerce sector, with users increasingly looking for an independent comparison of prices and products. Online merchants are increasingly turning to these shopping price comparators for qualified high-conversion traffic. The problem is that merchants looking to be included in these engines need to handcraft a data feed of […]

LinkBait Does Not Pay

Link Bait is more or less anything you create anywhere on the Web that inspires other people to link to it. They can link to it via a Web page, a blog, social bookmark site like digg. In fact, Seth Godin calls it diggbait. The bait itself can be anything from a controversial blog post that […]

Measuring your Search Engine Optimisation Performance 1

The first step in controlling an outcome is to measure it. You cannot control what you do not measure. How do you measure your search engine optimisation? By picking a list of keywords and looking at their ranking on Google for each keyword search. After you have launched your search engine campaign and done all […]

Google PageRank Update 1

Google’s toolbar pagerank and banklinks have updated overnight, the last update being in April. Though pagerank is largely discredited as a reliable measure of authority and ranking, in the absence of other reliable measure, it is still widely used. More critical is when text link purchase prices are set according to pagerank. As the workings […]

Rising Demand for Online Marketing Staff 1 has launched an Online Marketing section. A search for SEO in gives rise to 55 vacancies in the UK and ten times that many vacancies in the US. Specialized online marketing recruitment agencies are cropping up like mushrooms. Collecting quotes from around the web: Total UK online advertising expenditure in 2005 has surpassed […]

Google Enters Affiliate Marketing

Google has confirmed that it will soon launch a Pay-per-Action (CPA) variation of its Adsense. Adding CPA capability to its existing Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising products is an easy move. The CPA option will detract from its current Adsense revenues, but the total revenue from advertisers will likely increase. Details of Google’s announcement were reported by […]

“Enclick Shopping” Server Racks in Docklands

Our technical team has upgraded the shopping channel servers. Servers we share with our spanish counterpart from hispavista. The Redbus – Telecity service also hosts some of our customers though they are not on the same floor as Enclick. Redbus Telecity operates seven facilities in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris and Milan and boasts more that […]