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Google Enters Affiliate Marketing

Google has finally unveiled its Cost Per Action tariff model for its Adsense network. What was the exclusive domain of affiliate marketing networks is disrupted by Google’s huge publisher and merchant base, and its superior system. In one move, Google becomes the biggest affiliate network in the sector. The impact on the online advertising ecosystem […]

New 200×200 Adsense Format

The adsense have released a new ad format, smaller than its current 300×300. Great addition given how difficult it is to design well balanced pages. The 200×200 is unlikely to be a hit in terms of clickthrough, Google has published its highest performing ad sizes: 336×280 large rectangle 300x250inline rectangle 160×600 wide skyscraper but the […]

On the Rise of Viral Marketing and Web 2.0 in Politics

The declining impact of TV advertising is having a positive impact on politics. A billion dollar war chest will no longer guarantee you an elected office. Now you need support from social groups and communities that are hard to influence centrally. Collaborative filtering sites, like,, and even Google, are the political battle grounds […]

Rising Demand for Online Marketing Staff 1 has launched an Online Marketing section. A search for SEO in gives rise to 55 vacancies in the UK and ten times that many vacancies in the US. Specialized online marketing recruitment agencies are cropping up like mushrooms. Collecting quotes from around the web: Total UK online advertising expenditure in 2005 has surpassed […]

Google Enters Affiliate Marketing

Google has confirmed that it will soon launch a Pay-per-Action (CPA) variation of its Adsense. Adding CPA capability to its existing Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising products is an easy move. The CPA option will detract from its current Adsense revenues, but the total revenue from advertisers will likely increase. Details of Google’s announcement were reported by […]

Is Electronic Trading the Future of Advertising Buy ? 1

Jonathan Wall, Marketing Director at the top online electronics store in the UK, explained at Internet World 2006 that his marketing team is now composed principally of web analytics experts who are constantly trading on the screens for the best prices and return on investment for their advertising spending. With revenues in excess of […]