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The number one online supermarket has announced 28.7% growth for the first half of 2006. Having topped £1000m in turnover in 2005, growth is down slightly from 32% for the year ending 2005, but profits are up to 43.1% in 2006 as economies of scale rise further. Likely sales for 2006 are £1300m (topping €2000m), […]

Universal Data Feed Standard from the Association of Retail Technology Standards 2

Shopping engines are gaining market share in the ecommerce sector, with users increasingly looking for an independent comparison of prices and products. Online merchants are increasingly turning to these shopping price comparators for qualified high-conversion traffic. The problem is that merchants looking to be included in these engines need to handcraft a data feed of […]

Chocolate & Wine Top in Online Supermarket Sales

Interesting statistics for the huge increase of online supermarket sales from our online shopping portal statistics and Yahoo Search Marketing: Wine 37% Chocolate 11% Pizza 10% Coffee 9% Champage 7% Water 7% Cake 5% Meat 5% Beer 5% Vegetable 4% Obviously, the snack category is winning out. The statistics match those on our own shopping […]

Shopping Feed Standards: Governing Body

Comparison Shopping Market Leaders Rank Name Domain Market Share 1 18.38% 2 17.35% 3 14.39% 4 13.60% 5 8.49% 6 7.83% 7 5.81% 8 5.75% 9 4.63% 10 3.76% From Search Engine Watch Kelkoo dominates the U.K market, with more than double the traffic of […]

Standardisation of shopping engine feeds meets with problems

Industry bodies are trying to push through a standard for shopping feed files A recent meeting of the Arts trade association feed standards committe had a low turnout from shopping engines. One of the big problems with shopping feeds is the wide range of different taxonomies, categories that merchants and shopping engines use to categorize […]

Froogle to merge with Google Base 1

As of today, the feed submission formerly in the Google Merchant Center has been replaced with Google Base submissions. Google Base was quietly launched 3 months ago, and currently offers free online classifieds service that allows anyone to list a product for sale. Google Base is also arming itself with a reputation system like eBays, […]