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Widget Media

After a year of extensive development, we have launched the following information services for social networks, blogs and individual web sites. – weather widget – foreign exchange rate widget – World Timezone, and local times widget – Countdown widget – Calendar widget – Telephone Dial Code widget – […]

Bulk Mailer Wins Ridiculous Case Against Anti-Spam Organization

Spamhaus provides a spammer blacklist which is widely used in anti-spam filters by ISPs and webmail companies, including Spamhaus is non-profit organization set up by Steve Linford in 1998 whose mission is to track the worst of organized spam operators. It provides anti-spam intelligence to internet services, Law Enforcement Agencies, and government anti-spam legislation. […]

LinkBait Does Not Pay

Link Bait is more or less anything you create anywhere on the Web that inspires other people to link to it. They can link to it via a Web page, a blog, social bookmark site like digg. In fact, Seth Godin calls it diggbait. The bait itself can be anything from a controversial blog post that […]

Measuring your Search Engine Optimisation Performance 1

The first step in controlling an outcome is to measure it. You cannot control what you do not measure. How do you measure your search engine optimisation? By picking a list of keywords and looking at their ranking on Google for each keyword search. After you have launched your search engine campaign and done all […]

Branding in the New Digital Age – Saatchi & Saatchi Style 1

For decades, Lord Saatchi has been an icon of the advertising and marketing industry in the UK. The company he co-founded with his brother, Saatchi & Saatchi, is notorious for managing the conservative government comeback in the 80s and 90s. Baron Maurice weighs in on the death of the TV-industrial complex with insightful tips for […]

Google to Compete with Alexa and Nielsen NetRating ?

A rumor is running round that Google is to launch public traffic measurement figures, like Alexa rankings and Nielsen/Netratings. Nielsen Media Research, the audience measurement company that has held a virtual monopoly in the sector for decades, charges upwards of $20,000 a year for traffic statistics across the internet. And hitwise, another traffic statistics provider, […]

Only Governments Can Tackle Spammers

We need government funding and technology, not just legislation. So states Eran Reshef, the CEO of an email security firm which has been forced out of business by continual Denial of Service attacks on its company servers. The company was well funded having recently raised $5m in equity. According Eran Reshef “This is something that’s […]

The Choice Between Email and RSS ?

A subject of discussion among the early adopters. The debate is increasingly heated. The conservative faction insists the problems of spam and unnecessary email can be reduced through common sense; Ready for the rebirth of email? – Information World Review. The enthusiasts insist email is dead and the future is RSS, though it may be […]