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Google Data Feed Standard Goes Futuristic

Google not only ignores the two fledgling industry standards for data feeds, but like a bull in a china shop, goes all futuristic by extending the attribute list for products. The base attributes of the a Google bulk submission file are brand condition description expiration_date id image_link link price product_type title A standard list which […]

Shopping Feeds Standards Fight is On

The Association of Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) has issued its first proposal for a data feeds standards. The standard is aimed squarely at Comparison Shopping Engines, like, and The goal of the standard is to allow ecommerce merchants to generate a single data feed valid for all affiliate networks and shopping sites, […]

Developments on the Standard Universal Data Feeds Front

An announcement is due from and ARTS (Association of Retail Technology Standards) next Tuesday on Data Feed Standards in the ecommerce sector. Mirroring Sir Tim Berners Lee’s efforts to structure the world’s data with the semantic web project, Alan Rimm-Kaufman is pushing through a common standard for ecommerce merchants to publish their product listings. […]

Ridiculous Court Ruling Against Google on Fair Use of Copyright Material

The look of this morning. The belgium courts have favored the belgium press association to protect the belgium press against the theft of copy right material by Google. Google news has been found guilty of printing headlines and small 50 word extract of new items from belgium online newspapers. The court has deemed said […]

Microsoft Loosing its Lock on the Office Software Market

The Open Document movement, from the OASIS industry consortium, is slowly but surely wresting Microsoft’s market dominance in word and spreadsheet applications. The Oasis consortium is formed by government and public institutions around the world, as well as software vendors that commit to public licenses. Governments all over the world are starting to demand a […]

Shopping Feed Standards: Governing Body

Comparison Shopping Market Leaders Rank Name Domain Market Share 1 18.38% 2 17.35% 3 14.39% 4 13.60% 5 8.49% 6 7.83% 7 5.81% 8 5.75% 9 4.63% 10 3.76% From Search Engine Watch Kelkoo dominates the U.K market, with more than double the traffic of […]

Standardisation of shopping engine feeds meets with problems

Industry bodies are trying to push through a standard for shopping feed files A recent meeting of the Arts trade association feed standards committe had a low turnout from shopping engines. One of the big problems with shopping feeds is the wide range of different taxonomies, categories that merchants and shopping engines use to categorize […]