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Matt Cutts Keynotes London Search Engine Strategies

Matt Cutts, Google’s search engine optimisation rock-star, in his keynote interview with Chris Sherman at the London Search Engine Strategies conference yesterday. The main conference room was full with over a thousand avid listeners and bloggers. The picture shows Linda Evans blogging the interview furiously, see Linda’s blog entry of Conversation with Google’s Matt Cutts. […]

DMOZ Editor Charging $300 for Listings

DMOZ, the open content directory public directory, works through volunteer editors. Thousands of editors sift through submissions to their directory sections and try and edit a quality list of diretories. Over the years most search engines, notably Google, Yahoo and MSN, have used the DMOZ directory structure and content. Google especially uses DMOZ for its […]

Google PageRank Update 1

Google’s toolbar pagerank and banklinks have updated overnight, the last update being in April. Though pagerank is largely discredited as a reliable measure of authority and ranking, in the absence of other reliable measure, it is still widely used. More critical is when text link purchase prices are set according to pagerank. As the workings […]

Search Engine Strategies Conference: London 2006

The Islington Business Design Center yesterday for the June 2006 Search Engine Strategies 2006 Conference Excellent set of seminars. My favorite theme was the link building tips: Link building is becoming a conversation. A personal relationship between your firm and its community, your entire value chain, partners, allies, press and media surrounding your market. Mike […]

Where things go wrong with Alexa rankings 1

The concesus is that the web sites with SEO and webmaster attention cruise up the alexa rankings, but don’t necessarily have real traffic. As observed by Matt Cutts. A great image of where things go wrong with alexa is shown below. The figure shows that above the 50,000 ranking, all traffic figures are distorted. You […]

Google maintains its market share

CNET reports that Google’s share of the U.S. Web search market continues to increase against Yahoo and Microsoft, according to April 2005 data from ComScore Networks: “The search giant’s market share among home, work and university Internet users climbed from 42.7 percent to 43.1 percent from March to April of this year–up from 36.5 percent […]