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Google to start warning legitimate sites before a listing ban

In response to popular request Google is looking to warn webmasters of an impending ban. Matt Cutts, the engineer responsible for the quality of Google’s search algorithm is working on improving communication with webmasters to avoid banning of legitimate sites. The project works with the google sitemaps facility . Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO […]

The Yahoo dance is here

We all do the google dance every day, checking our google ranking every morning, now we have yahoo dancing. The Yahoo search department warns that updates will occur more frequently as the indexing system has been improved. Yahoo! Search blog: Weather Report: Yahoo! Search Index Update

New Googlebot spidering architecture

Most webmasters are familiar with Googlebot’s continual spidering of a web site. Sometimes googlebot traffic can be greater than user traffic, making some web sites like Slashdot to ban googlebot from their servers. Google has recently addressed the problem. In a move aimed at reducing bandwidth consumption, the adsense spider is now also refreshing the […]