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Google’s One Box for Weather

After several trials and false starts Google seems to have entered the weather information sector using its one box result. Major weather network sites like weather underground will be feeling the impact. Similarly, Google will impact the shopping sector with its increasing use of the one-box-result to integrate its other services like Froogle or Google […] implements the “nofollow” tag

The social tagging site has implemented the “nofollow” tag on its home page. Following the example of blog search engine technorati, implements the anti-spam measure proposed by Google. The “nofollow” tag disables the link in question from Google’s algorithm, basically announcing to search engines that “this-is-not-a-good-link”; the tag removes any PageRank assignment for […]

Top 10 Official Google Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Matt Cutts, Google’s official Search Engine Optimisation blogger, has been giving the SEO community do’s and don’t tips for 16 months now. Blogging daily the cumulative volume of knowledge and advice is impressive. It is only on looking back that the value of Matt’s advice becomes evident. Rather than trawl through thousands of Matt’s blog […]

Google Analytics Opens For Everybody

Brett Crosby, founder of Urchin and now Google Analytics Chief, announces open doors for Google Analytics subscriptions again. Google launched free web analytics service late last year. The service is based on the popular Urchin software acquired by Google in April 2005. Such was the popularity of the uptake that Google struggled to provide timely […]

Google Webmaster Tool: The Sitemap Submission

Google sitemap submission program keeps getting more interesting. It is becoming the best way to “talk to Google about your website results”. with the webmaster tool you can tell Google that and are the same out robots.txt files discover crawl errors that Googlebot saw see some spam penalties Vanessa Fox of the Google […]

What is Natural Linking ? Five Tips on Google Guidelines 3

The success of Google’s search algorithm centers round using inbound links to a website to judge its relevance and importance relative to a keyword. Over the years, SEO companies have come up with link building techniques to up their client’s websites in Google’s ranking. Google’s original algorithm is being manipulated by all these techniques, and […]