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Google answer’s back: Bad Inbound Links Cause Shallow Googlebot Crawls

Matt Cutt answers some of the questions that have arisen lately: Firstly, Google is not full. The problems of web sites dropping of the index and coming back during Google’s BigDaddy upgrade were not due to lack of machines; the crawl/index team certainly has enough machines to do its job, and we definitely aren’t dropping […]

Searching or Browsing – Ambient Findability

Peter Morville is an expert in “findability”, making information findable; his book ambient findability is about designing user interfaces and information architecture such that anyone can find what they want quickly. Peter states that searching is interactive and iterative. Your query changes as you advance in your search, in step wise refinements. In particular, how […]

Google Launches Refine Results

As expected Google has started offering faceted or tagged search. Searching for a general term like Barcelona gives the following results The refine results section allows you to drill down according to different tags. The result of drilling down is Further assisting you in finding the areas you want. Google seems to be providing the […]

Endeca Granted Patent on Guided Navigation

The advantages of enhanced search facility for finding information have just started to be exploited. Endeca, the leader in our sector has just been granted Guided Navigation Patent; Pioneering Innovation Has Played Key Role in Market’s Evolution From Search to Information Access Guided Navigation helps people using Web or enterprise applications to find relevant information […]

Google is Full ?

Webmasters are in a state of confusion over Google’s behaviours over last few months. Being de-indexed from Google is an unpleasant and stressful experience, but with the Florida and Jagger algorithm updates, the de-indexing was justified and could be corrected. The last algorithm update has not shown this consistency. Some of our clients and web-sites […]