Chocolate & Wine Top in Online Supermarket Sales

Interesting statistics for the huge increase of online supermarket sales from our online shopping portal statistics and Yahoo Search Marketing:

Wine 37%

Pizza 10%
Coffee 9%
Champage 7%
Water 7%
Cake 5%
Meat 5%
Beer 5%
Vegetable 4%

Obviously, the snack category is winning out. The statistics match those on our own shopping channel.
According to Yahoo search marketing the top online supermarket searches are as follows:

Tesco 52%
ASDA 21%
Sainsbury’s 12%
Morrisons 4%
Aldi 3%
Watirose 3%
Costco 2%
Marks and Spencers 1%
Ocado 1%
Co op 1%

which cofirms the huge lead enjoyed by Tesco’s online store, and its £1000 million in revenue sales.

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