“Enclick Shopping” Server Racks in Docklands

Our technical team has upgraded the shopping channel servers. Servers we share with our spanish counterpart from hispavista.

Enclick Shopping channel Server Racks

The Redbus – Telecity service also hosts some of our customers though they are not on the same floor as Enclick. Redbus Telecity operates seven facilities in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris and Milan and boasts more that 800 clients including AOL, AT&T, BT, Vodafone, City Index, BBC and Google.

Docklands is popular with a lot of telecom and technology companies. Telecity-Redbus as well as Telstra and NCC offer server hosting services in nearby buildings. With its financial center rapidly catching up with the old City in tenants. The picture shows the view outside its Sovereign House datacenter. Docklands Datacenter

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