Endeca Granted Patent on Guided Navigation

The advantages of enhanced search facility for finding information have just started to be exploited. Endeca, the leader in our sector has just been granted Guided Navigation Patent; Pioneering Innovation Has Played Key Role in Market’s Evolution From Search to Information Access

Guided Navigation helps people using Web or enterprise applications to find relevant information by guiding them in an interface that always keeps information in context. The context is created by dynamically exposing the dimensions, attributes and other relationships in the underlying data set. This experience helps people navigate content, analyze information sets, refine search results lists, and combine search and browse behaviors. Guided Navigation encourages exploration and discovery because people no longer have to guess the perfect search query or anticipate the specific classification schema of the underlying data

Congratulations to Endeca, credit where it is due. Even when it competes with our offering of tagged site search. Some concern on the wording of the patent. As ever, defining an intangible intellectual idea can be frought with abuse with regards to the rest of society.

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