Google maintains its market share

CNET reports that Google’s share of the U.S. Web search market continues to increase against Yahoo and Microsoft, according to April 2005 data from ComScore Networks:

“The search giant’s market share among home, work and university Internet users climbed from 42.7 percent to 43.1 percent from March to April of this year–up from 36.5 percent in April 2005, ComScore said Monday.

In second place, Yahoo saw its market share hold steady at 28 percent between March and April, a decrease of 2.7 percent from last year. […] The relative number of search queries through Microsoft’s MSN also continued to fall, leaving its market share at 12.9 percent in April of this year, down from 16.1 percent at the same time last year.”
So there’s a massive 15% between first-place search engine Google and second place Yahoo. Google is even more dominant in Europe, a trend that looks likely to continue based on this data.

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