Google PageRank Update 1


Google’s toolbar pagerank and banklinks have updated overnight, the last update being in April.

Though pagerank is largely discredited as a reliable measure of authority and ranking, in the absence of other reliable measure, it is still widely used.

More critical is when text link purchase prices are set according to pagerank. As the workings of the google algorithm are secret, many of the Enclick clients purchasing text links have no assurance of their value.

What is a certainty now, is the anchor text and deeplinking have an important weighting in the Google algorithm. We have also gathered strong hints that the wider subject context in which links a placed play a role in the actual weighting of the inbound link

The Enclick team specialises in deeplinking, which is hard technology intesive exercise in getting your website information into a search engine friendly state for the Google spider, the shopping comparison sites and the affiliate networks.

The only answers are to be found in trial and error, and measuring website statistics.

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