LinkBait Does Not Pay

Link Bait is more or less anything you create anywhere on the Web that inspires other people to link to it. They can link to it via a Web page, a blog, social bookmark site like digg. In fact, Seth Godin calls it diggbait.

The bait itself can be anything from a controversial blog post that gets people talking and linking, to a Web site that adds something really funny, to a useful application that actually helps people.

Nowadays the term content and copywriting have become old fashioned. People say, “I don’t have time to add real content, I want a viral campaign that is quick and makes everyone link to my site.”

People are getting so caught up in their quest for viral, user-generated links that they will ask for anything. Who cares if it has nothing to do with your long-term business success, your site was on the Digg homepage yesterday!

Non-Sticky Traffic

Linkbait is about writing viral content . But many people are finding with linkbait,the traffic you attract needs to be relevant otherwise the exercise is futile. The linkbait is non-sticky content. The traffic you attract will not convert

The inbound links you gather will be from non-relevant context and subjects. A factor that Google is increasingly factoring into its algorithm.

No matter how clever the Link Bait, if it does nothing more than cause a little buzz or drive-by traffic, then you’ve wasted time and opportunity. A traffic spike with no long term effect.

True viral marketing is more than a gimmick, and best done with relevant and useful content and tools.

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