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The first step in controlling an outcome is to measure it. You cannot control what you do not measure. How do you measure your search engine optimisation? By picking a list of keywords and looking at their ranking on Google for each keyword search.

After you have launched your search engine campaign and done all the right things to increase your rankings, you will most likely see a continual upward climb. Then the upward climb reaches a best position. Once you stabelize, you will see the Google Dance, in which your position moves up and down by 5 to 10 positions in a continuous manner. Google Dance is to be endured and ignored as far as possible.

What is important is the long-term trends of search engines positions. The way in which search engines rank websites may change at the drop of hat. If you are unaware of these changes – many of which are subtle yet can be deadly to your ranking – your position may drop to the bottom of the list before you can get your bearings.

Enclick Aggregate Google Ranking Value

The measure used by Enclick, in our search engine optimisation service is to set up a weighted value of your rankings on Google. Just one number. Like the net-value of your stock exchange holdings as you the financial markets go up and down. This is particularly important when you have hundreds of keywords in play, when you are pursuing the long tail of keywords, as with client’s using our seach engine friendly product data services, which gets a catalogue of products into shopping engines.

First, the keyword analysis must generate a long list of keywords in categories then assign an importance value, a weighting value from 1 to 10, to the category and then to the top 10 keywords in each category.

Google’s famous ranking algorithm is subject to continuous improvement, and also deliberate modifications. The slight changes in algorithm weightings are meant to throw and confuse the web spammers, who profit from ranking SPAM pages on Google. The key is to monitor your positioning for signficant long term trends, ignoring Google Dance slight up and down movements. And when aiming at the long tail of keywords a single unified value of your Google Ranking Value becomes very important.

Since rankings are competitive; one step ahead of the competition is enough. Your competitive analysis must give your major competitor’s standings and the keywords and categories they populate. Enclick provides the Aggregate Ranking Value of your competition.

Each month, expect position changes due to the continual changes that are occurring in your competitor\s position, and be prepared to adjust your marketing strategy to compensate for decreased rankings. Monitoring these fluctuations will also give you vital information about how to improve your website to increase your position in search results.

Your search engine presence is an investment. It is your online brand asset which has value to your business, and needs continuous management to maintain and exploit. The target is generating a good Return on Investment from your marketing budget. The advantage is that for online investment, you can measure how well your Search marketing Budget turns into Sales. The Aggregate SEO Ranking Value, in our Enclick SEO service, provides a way of measuring your online brand presence in a meaningful quantifiable value.

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