Open Source

Keep the Internet Open

Our company depends on the internet being an open commons, an open market place, a public resource freely shared by all equally. Recently, private companies, such as Facebook and Apple, have made significant inroads into the open internet by creating walled gardens where they severely rule on activity, the network neutrality for internet users no longer holds. On their websites, they control activity, and veto products and trading – it is their private garden; other internet users cannot operate freely.

Since we trade on the free, network neutral internet, we are committed to giving back as best we can.

Private Companies & Internet Reach
Monthly Uniques (US) Employees 196M 53,861 140M 4,619 129M 211 79M 88,400 69M 11,700 68M 31,500 34M 5,660

Dont Be Evil – Work for an Open Commons

For open source software, our reference company is WordPress, which is set up as a non-profit foundation, providing open source alternative to creating websites, and million of open commons websites which operates freely, not controlled by any one private company. It is a model of good citizenship.

The table on the right shows the internet  reach of the largest private companies. WordPress creates 20% of internet traffic which runs as an open commoms

for open data companies, our references are and Both contribute data sets into the public domain, freely available for all of us to analyse and reuse.

Giving Back to the Commons – Use CC Licences

The creative commons (CC) licenses open software and data into the commons, for anybody to use. The most basic condition is that you cite the author, you provide attribution.

Provide Attribution

We build our services and products with Open Source software. So, here is our attribution to the software authors

Publish with a CC License

We endevour to open our software code and data, with CC licenses

Contribute back to Community

We endevour to contribute back to the Community, with time and Donations where we can