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Monster.com has launched an Online Marketing section. A search for SEO in monster.com gives rise to 55 vacancies in the UK and ten times that many vacancies in the US. Specialized online marketing recruitment agencies are cropping up like mushrooms. Collecting quotes from around the web:

Total UK online advertising expenditure in 2005 has surpassed all initial expectations by growing 65.6% year on year to £1,366.4 million (£1.4 billion). These record breaking results have taken internet advertising’s market share to 7.8% according to the results of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s bi-annual study — (IAB).

With the double digit growth of online advertising, staff shortages in the online marketing field are inevitable.

“The online space is exploding,” says Adam Hanft, a consumer marketing consultant in New York City. “There are real shortages of online designers, information architects, online producers, and on the media side, buyers, planners and strategists.”
“It’s hard to find people who can increase conversions and do Web analytics,” says Alan Rabinowitz, CEO of SEO Image, a New York City search-engine optimization firm that helps clients improve their positioning in Internet search results. For example, companies are snapping up link strategists and pay-per-click campaign managers, Rabinowitz says.
Computer firms are facing up to the need for dedicated marketers. “Hardware and software makers need product managers and competitive analysis people with solid marketing skill sets, versus the engineering skill set that often filled the marketing void for these companies in years past,” says Andrew Fitzpatrick, principal of Cambridge Consulting Solutions in Mill Valley, California.
Signs point to a growing gap between rising demand and a stagnant supply of senior online marketers. “I currently have a VP search that’s my fourth online marketing search in a year, and they get more and more difficult,” says Kevin Berchelmann, president of Triangle Performance in Bellaire, Texas.

Is the online advertising tsunami finally here?

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One thought on “Rising Demand for Online Marketing Staff

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    Paul Elosegui

    Market Economies are pretty rubbish at long term staff planning. One year companies, specially publicly quoted companies, are frantically laying off specialized staff, and the a few years later they are frantically head-hunting to fill specialized staff shortages.
    Privately owned, specially family owned, companies are more adept at riding out the boom and bust cycles of public equity folloy.
    At least it keeps recruitment agencies busy.