Search Engine Strategies Conference: London 2006

The Islington Business Design Center yesterday for the June 2006 Search Engine Strategies 2006 Conference
Excellent set of seminars. My favorite theme was the link building tips:
Link building is becoming a conversation. A personal relationship between your firm and its community, your entire value chain, partners, allies, press and media surrounding your market. Mike Grehan’s emphasizes the need to ask for links, personally. Making contact with web sites in your local subject communities. Keeping to a theme. Clearly the cluetrain meme being picked up by the google algorithm.
Mike Grehan has been emphasizing for years the increasing skill with which search engines discount inbound links from outside YOUR SUBJECT. It is not just the anchor text of the inbound link, but also the paragraph, the web page and the subject context of where the inbound link originates.
Link Building has become about conversing with your subject environment, and writing quality content that is referenced by your peers. The academic referencing DNA of the Google algorithm showing through. Academic research scientists understand the entire link building reputation approach almost instinctively.
The upshot of a lot of the comments is that search algorithms look for natural community activity. Inbound links within subject paragraphs with all sorts of different anchor text, and web pages distributed around your subject community.
Superzu transcribed Google’s tips about sitemaps which I missed

Aaron D’Souza on Google sitemaps:

  • using Google sitemaps helps Google to discover more of your web pages and to prioritize for crawling.
  • it drectly informs Google of the existence of all your pages
  • iit enabls Google to crawl your site more effectively
  • it helps you with crawler issues (you can see crawl success and error distribution).

    Aaron repeated that the sitemap system is to alert you of any violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines.

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