The Choice Between Email and RSS ?

A subject of discussion among the early adopters. The debate is increasingly heated. The conservative faction insists the problems of spam and unnecessary email can be reduced through common sense; Ready for the rebirth of email? – Information World Review. The enthusiasts insist email is dead and the future is RSS, though it may be still be hard to use for some.
Rather than speculate, a brief look around the market shows adoption rates increasing among large companies. 63% of big companies plan to syndicate content via RSS by the end of 2006, according to JupiterResearch. If that comes true, it would be a huge increase. Currently only 29% do.
A big adopter of RSS feeds is none other the eBay. I often subscribe to the daily email notification of the newly listed items that match what I am after. Now I have the option of subscribing to the an RSS feed instead. The reasons I like it:

  • I can check on the new items posted at my leasure, in real time
  • I dont have to delete anything once viewed, the RSS feed automatically refreshed itself
  • I dont have to manage any inbox folders or clean up
  • I dont have any problems with spam filters blocking emails, images, carriage returns or links in the text
  • I dont loose notifications in all the spam in the junk folder
  • I can view the feed from anywhere with ease
  • I can stop the feed immediately
  • I dont give out my email address and personal details

A good breakdown of the pros-cons of email vs RSS can be found in Email v RSS, let us move on…. The biggest drawback of RSS used to be the difficulty in handling RSSreaders . The issue is no longer.

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