Top 10 Official Google Search Engine Optimisation Tips


Matt Cutts, Google’s official Search Engine Optimisation blogger, has been giving the SEO community do’s and don’t tips for 16 months now. Blogging daily the cumulative volume of knowledge and advice is impressive.

It is only on looking back that the value of Matt’s advice becomes evident. Rather than trawl through thousands of Matt’s blog entries, here are my top 10 favorite Google tips

  1. Use user-friendly URLs, or human readable URLs, e.g. rose-flowers.html,
    blog entry here
  2. Minimize the number of parameters in your URL – maximum 2 parameters
  3. Use natural links as far as possible; linkers to your web should be citing or referencing you for a reason; links should be earned and given by choice.
  4. Google penalizes bought links, Matt says the Google algorithm now identifies bought links, and considers them outside Google quality guidelines. High PageRank web sites that sell links widely have their links dampened such that their effetive pagerank is much reduced. blog entry here, here, and
    blog entry here
  5. Use the

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