What We Do

We help Webmasters display useful information on their website

Our tools allow a Webmaster to display information normally available to large corporate websites only. Our focus is on individual and small business webmasters.

Whenever possible, we will provide the tools for free under a creative commons licence; just cite us when you use our tools.

The Right Information – Data Arbitrage

The internet has revolutionized the market for useful information. Reuters and Bloomberg, for instance, had a near monopoly of financial information. For many years, access to financial data was costly, but Internet has disrupted these data markets. Barring privacy issues, the cost and the range of information now available is improving exponentially.

We run arbitrage in information markets. We find new data sources that have better price and usage restrictions, and enable the use of this data to a wider audience. The most valuable data is invariably costly to access. The data creator or aggregator imposes a fee and restricted conditions of use. But, like food, most data devalues in time. Market trading data, for instance, has near zero cost after only a few hours. We specialize in finding these opportunities, and create valuable information from this time-delayed data.

Data is also messy. Standards bodies like the Semantic Web or the W3C – Open Graph, try to impose order on the data across the internet. The world wide web, with open access for huge number of webmasters and players, is disorderly. As in free speech, communication and messages are a chaos; entropy wins over order and structure. Good information opportunities are and always will be disorderly. Data arbitrage involves cleaning up data.

Quality information streams which are credible, timely, error free, accurate and delivered reliably require effort.

In The Right Way – User Experience & APIs

Information is as useful as its communication. Information is only valuable when its display and visualisation is good. When Internet Users perceive and understand it well.

We make our information displays, our widgets, our snippets, with a good User Experience in mind. We provide design pages where much of the styling, design of the information display can be customized so that the Webmaster can achieve a good User Experience on his Webpage.

Our Commitment

We shall

Get Data
  • locate time series data, open license, numerical data
  • generate our own User Generated, or Model based open data
  • select the best credible and reliable sources – we will negotiate and comply with the terms of the licences of the data. We will cite the origins of data used in creating our information services.
Process Data
  • process the data such that it is timely with a clear uniform time-delay
  • process the data such that the resulting information is error free, and of a set accuracy
  • data mine and extract useful trends, which we will open
Deliver Data
  • deliver the information reliably, with an acceptable Service Level
  • provide design and styling tools for Webmasters to achieve a good User Experience on inserting the information in the website.