Who We Are

Paul SalberPaul Salber

Project Manager, Hacker – “Building the Product Correctly”

Originally a C++ Programmer in the financial sector, I migrated to html & php in late 1990’s. I most like coding and sysadmin, but I also manage projects. I am a fan of SCRUM and continuous deployment. I believe in distributed companies, and lead the remote working team members. I am responsable for our search engine crawlers, and the backoffice data analysis. I am a Computer Science Graduate, a full stack programmer, but more adept server-side. I most aspire to being a Code Wrangler.


Paul EloseguiPaul Elosegui

Product Strategy – “Building the Correct Product”

Started his internet apprenticeship in 1996 at Hispavista.com under accomplished entrepreneur Jon Elosegui. During the 2000’s he reverted to roles of CEO and fund partner, but returned to finish his apprenticeship. Now focuses on product positioning and branding – finding unmet demand and differentiation in a market; Product Vision. He practices iterative product development: lean startup, customer development and product discovery. He most likes design thinking; building and prototyping product ideas to test on users. He has a Ph.D from Oxford, and loves keeping things simple.



business_user[1]Talented Freelancers

Recruited on a project by project basis, we have outsourced several hundred projects, and have had the luck of working with dozens of talented programmers and designers. From Ukraine, Pakistan, India and China, we are a distributed company. Login to freelancer.com to view our open projects.




Infrastructure & Expert Support 

Top internet portal in the spanish language since 1997. Has extensive infrastructure, mature development and system departments. Partners with Enclick when focusing on the english speaking market. All Enclick services are possible thanks to Hispavista infrastructure and assistance.